Vegan Pad Thai

I remember the first time I tried pad Thai.

I was a preteen, on a weekend trip with my parents and my (then-) little brother in Palm Springs. We used to go to that idyllic desert town almost every year in November to recharge. We would hike in the canyons during the day, then unwind in the hot spring spas back at the hotel in the evening. The fall breeze was still warm and a little dry; it felt just right.

On one such trip, after our day hike, we randomly decided to have dinner at a Thai restaurant downtown (unfortunately, it is no longer there). Not knowing any better, I was expecting it to be just like Chinese food. We sat down, and my mom told the waiter that we had never tried Thai food. The nice young man suggested the pad Thai noodles and the chicken red curry, so that’s what we ordered.

They did not taste like Chinese food, but they were oh-so-yummy! The red curry had that creamy, coconut flavor which was unlike the Indian curries I had tried up to that point. The pad Thai had a hint of char-grilled flavor with a little sweetness; totally different from the chow mein noodles I was so familiar with. We made it a point to find a good Thai restaurant back at home and, from then on, we (almost) always ordered pad Thai and red curry!

Traditional pad Thai is made with scrambled eggs and contains fish sauce, so I no longer order it at non-veg restaurants. Luckily, this vegan version is really easy to make!

The sauce in this vegan Pad Thai is amazing – a perfect balance of sweet, sour, savory, and creamy.

Vegan Pad Thai

You can adapt the recipe to other fresh or frozen vegetables; I just happened to have frozen broccoli handy and it worked well.


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Nutrition information below is for 1/8 vegan pad thai dish. Does not include optional garnishes.

Vegan Pad Thai Nutrition Information


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