Seitan Fajitas
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Seitan Fajitas with Tri-Color Peppers

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Seitan Fajitas


If you saw the last post with the savory seitan roast recipe, this is a follow up with an excellent way to use some of that tasty, compassionate protein.

Seitan Fajitas!!

They’re so easy to make; I pulled this together in about 10 minutes to serve to my hubby before he rushed out the door to go to work (he works evenings, so dinner is breakfast to him). The kitchen smelled so freakin’ good!! Served with already-cooked brown rice and warmed black beans, you’ve got an easy south-of-the-border dinner¬†(you could make tacos, too. I just didn’t have tortillas at the ready).

Cooking Seitan Fajitas


This is totally adaptable to other vegetables; zucchini and yellow squash would make good additions to these seitan fajitas. This almost doesn’t even need a recipe, but if you’re reluctant to go into the kitchen and just throw stuff into the pan without any guidance, I got you.

Seitan Fajitas


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