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Sweet Potatoes & Veggies w/ Coconut Curry Sauce

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Coconut Curry Sauce -

Simple, Oil-Free Sweet Potato Prep

It’s a shame that for so long, I only cooked with sweet potatoes in the fall. Why?! Maybe it’s because I’ve always associated them with Thanksgiving and cinnamon, or because I’d never tried them with coconut curry sauce. Regardless, now that I can find organic sweet potatoes in bulk at Costco, they’ll be in my kitchen a lot more often.

Coconut Curry Sauce -

I was happy to learn from That Vegan Couple that you don’t need any oil or salt to bake chopped potatoes (sweet or otherwise). Somewhere I saw this method of slicing sweet potatoes into rounds and roasting on a parchment-lined baking sheet. I like this kind of fuss-free prep. No peeling required!

The sweet potatoes are completely satisfying on their own. However, I never would have guessed how well they pair with coconut curry sauce! They’re best friends now.

Coconut Curry Sauce -

How to Make the Coconut Curry Sauce

As with many of my sauces, I used tahini here as the base for its creamy texture. It also mixes well with a variety of flavor profiles. I added curry powder, which of course works perfectly with coconut milk, so I stirred some in, too.

Coconut Curry Sauce -

I also like to incorporate a bit of sweet and sour into my sauces. To that end, I’ve been using agave nectar and apple cider vinegar, respectively. A little bit of salt, pepper, and garlic powder round it all out.

It may sound like a lot of ingredients for the coconut curry sauce, but it comes together quickly. I just add all the ingredients into a mason jar, stir, taste, adjust seasonings if needed, and it’s done.

Coconut Curry Sauce -

I used regular canned coconut milk that I watered down a little bit, but you could use light coconut milk instead. If your coconut milk is a little clumpy, just microwave the sauce for 15 seconds to melt and make it easy to stir.

This coconut curry sauce would work well in any kind of veggie and grain bowl, but I think it’s really special with roasted sweet potatoes. Enjoy!

Coconut Curry Sauce -

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