Spinach-Ricotta Flatbread Pizza
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Spinach Ricotta Flatbread Pizza

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Spinach Ricotta Flatbread Pizza

Eating pizza doesn’t have to be a greasy, guilt-inducing affair.

This brightly-flavored Spinach Ricotta Flatbread Pizza will satisfy your cravings and is easy to make at home!

But first, a short story…

Yesterday, I met the sweetest, gentlest, most unexpected friend. When I walked around the back of the house to take out the trash, I found her (or him?) standing alone in the corner of our side patio near the gate.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that this white dove was injured and in distress. She mostly stayed standing in place, but when she did attempt to walk, she would limp and stumble awkwardly. As she spread her wings, trying desperately to jump up onto a small ledge, she would collapse onto her chest.

Holding an injured white dove
PJ’s and messy hair, but a perfect moment nonetheless.

With such limited mobility, I didn’t want her to stay on the cold, lifeless concrete. I spoke softly to her, got down to her level, and caressed her gently. I slowly cupped my hand under her chest, and she trusted me enough to pick her up. She didn’t try to fight me or escape, though I could feel her little heart beating quickly against the palm of my hand.

She let me carry her over to our back patio; I set her down where she could hear the gurgling waterfall, stretch her feet on the soft ground, and nestle under the bushes. I don’t know where she came from (white doves are a rare occurrence around here) or how exactly she got injured, though my brother and I suspect she may have accidentally flown into the fence.

White dove hiding in bushes

Strange as it may seem, this marvelous encounter with this sweet little bird was just I needed to cheer me up, having just watched the entire Earthlings film for the first time the night before (it is extremely difficult to watch, but important to help us see through the eyes of our fellow non-human Earthlings).

Spinach Ricotta Flatbread Pizza ingredients

But back to spinach, these leafy greens make a tasty appearance in this Spinach Ricotta Flatbread Pizza.

At the base of it all, flatbread makes a convenient blank canvas for the “pizza” – pita bread or naan bread would work well, too. The spinach is simply sauteed with some garlic, then paired alongside a lovely cashew ricotta. The ricotta bakes up really nicely, forming a light golden soft “shell” over the top. When you bite into the ricotta, it has a silky, creamy texture with a light cheesy-garlic flavor. The pizza sauce base is a cinch to make, and the vegan parmesan marries all the elements quite nicely. You could also just top with nutritional yeast, but with some nuts and a few simple seasonings, you can easily make the vegan parmesan topping in under 2 minutes!

Spinach Ricotta Flatbread Pizza

This Spinach Ricotta Flatbread Pizza would be appropriate today for “Super Bowl” parties, although I don’t participate in such shenanigans. If you’re not into watching the “Super Bore” (as my dad would call it), I’ve got you covered. For a limited time, you can register for free at LiveVeganVibrantly.com and have access to over a dozen interviews with leaders in the vegan community – doctors, chefs, activists, athletes, spiritual teachers, and more! I like listening to them in the background while I work, and there’s always something new to learn.

Spinach Ricotta Flatbread Pizza

Update: We just spotted our white dove friend walking around outside of her den in the bushes; she seems to be doing better and not limping so much. Hopefully her wings will heal soon, too!

Nutrition information below estimated for 1 flatbread.

Spinach Ricotta Flatbread Pizza Nutrition Information


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