Chia Banana Oatmeal
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Chia Banana Oatmeal

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Chia Banana Oatmeal

Switching it up with an easy breakfast recipe… Chia Banana Oatmeal!

Well folks, it’s that season. Even in San Diego. Mr. VP got slammed with a nasty cold last weekend – though he did recover in about 48 hours, which is amazing considering how many tissues he went through. My mom got hit with the cold a few days ago and is just today starting to get over it. At work last week, I had a handful of students with persistent coughs, and many more with sore throats. I must have dispensed about two dozen salt-water gargle cups over the week (the kids aren’t allowed to have cough drops unless they gargle first). The air has been really dry, and now I have a sore throat too… though I’m determined not to let it progress into a full-blown sickness.

Chia Banana Oatmeal

As my dad would say, we’ve been “recycling our colds.”

I normally wouldn’t post a recipe so seemingly mundane as oatmeal. Like, who doesn’t know how to make oatmeal?! But, because I have changed the way I eat it since becoming vegan (ie, nix the milk and butter) and my throat was in need of some soothing comfort food this morning, I thought this chia banana oatmeal recipe would be appropriate.

Chia Banana Oatmeal

Honestly, I wanted to title this post “Sore Throat Oatmeal” (or how about “Sore Throatmeal”? Eh?). The warm mushiness feels so nice on it’s way down the hatch when your throat hurts. It’s also really easy to make (comes together in about 5 minutes), which is perfect when you don’t have the energy to cook anything remotely elaborate.

But, alas, “Sore Throatmeal” wouldn’t make a very SEO-friendly title (doesn’t sound very appetizing, either).

Sore Throat Oatmeal

So “Chia Banana Oatmeal” it is.

Normally I would add some chopped walnuts to my oatmeal. I believe bananas and walnuts are a match made in heaven. But when my throat hurts, I don’t want any crunchy things – just pure, silky softness. The chia seeds here become gel-like as they cook with the oatmeal and bananas, and they pack a healthy portion of fiber, protein, and omega-3’s.

Chia Banana Oatmeal

Wondering about the adorable-yet-unusual backdrop? It’s my brother’s baby blanket. Still around nearly 20 years later. Because this oatmeal is like a baby blanket for your throat. Whoa… did I just do something artistic?


Nutrition information below for 1 bowl of chia banana oatmeal (1/2 recipe). Does not include optional non-dairy milk.

Chia Banana Oatmeal Nutrition Information


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