Coconut Cucumber Smoothie
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Coconut Cucumber Smoothie

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Coconut Cucumber Smoothie

Cucumbers… they’re not just for salads and tzatziki anymore.

I spent the morning doing something I rarely do (no, not cleaning; good guess)… perusing the neighborhood garage sale. Mostly, I was looking to see if there was anything of value I could get for a family friend who’s folks are in the process of rebuilding their home and their lives. While I did find them some clothes and other items, I will admit that I scored¬†an “Awkward Family Photos” game (I couldn’t resist). My darling little brother also got me an almost-new art set full of pretty watercolors, oil pastels, and colored pencils. I can’t wait to try out them out! Now I just need some ideas for what to draw…

When I got home, it was time for a late breakfast. I briefly contemplated making french toast (it is the weekend, after all), but then I decided to go the healthier (and easier) route and make some kind of green detox smoothie. I’ve been eating a lot of heavy things this week, so I figured my body would be happier if I started out the day with something lighter and kinder. I had 2 cucumbers sitting in the fridge just waiting to see the light, so I thought I’d include some in my smoothie-du-jour.

Coconut Cucumber Smoothie

This coconut cucumber smoothie is really light; it comes out like a juice, instead of thick and heavy like many smoothies.

I took a sip and ooh la la… was instantly transported to an island paradise. All that was missing was a hammock and some ukulele music in the background. I could hardly contain myself from chugging the whole thing while I took pictures.

If you’re skeptical about drinking cucumbers, this recipe will surely change your mind – and it only has 5 ingredients! Can’t beat that.

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