Pssst! Don’t tell your abuelita…

I figured out how to make vegan huevos con chorizo (pronounced “WEH-vose cone cho-REE-so”), or  vegan “eggs with spicy Mexican sausage”! If you’re from Spain, let’s not start a debate about the origins of chorizo. Let’s just be friends.

But wait a minute, do you mean to say that a dish traditionally made with scrambled eggs and sausage – (two things that don’t remotely resemble plants) – can be veganized??

Sí, amiga…

Cooking Vegan Huevos con Chorizo

I grew up eating “huevos con chorizo” almost every week.

It was one of those meals that my mom would make when she didn’t have the time or energy to make anything more complicated. She would just throw some sausage in a pan, scramble some eggs with it, put the mixture in a tortilla, and call it a day. The chorizo itself was spicy and flavorful enough that you really didn’t need to add any other seasonings, not even salt. In California, you’ll see chorizo burritos on any taco shop breakfast menu, but at home we would eat it any time of day.

The tricky thing with chorizo is that some brands taste great, others are awful.

Once you’ve had “bad” chorizo, it’s hard to build back your trust enough to give it another chance. Not only that, as I entered my early 20s, I started getting kinda grossed out by how greasy chorizo was. Even if the pan was totally wiped clean after sauteeing the sausage, sometimes I would bite into a chunk in my taco and a bunch of orangey grease would ooze out. Not very appetizing.

So I stopped eating chorizo long before I even became vegan, until…

I came across Kristy Turner’s “Sunflower Sausage” recipe (See her book, But I Could Never Go Vegan! – highly recommended), with a variation for chorizo, and the light bulb went off in my head. I had already figured out how to make very convincing tofu “scrambled egg” (thanks to Minimalist Baker).

I put 2 and 2 together and – BAM!

The rest is history. I now had vegan huevos con chorizo in my life. Granted, this recipe takes a little more time than my mom’s, but it has all the spicy goodness without any of the nasty grease or resulting heartburn. Plus, you can feel good knowing that it is entirely plant-based – better for you, the animals, and the planet.
Vegan Huevos con Chorizo

I do have to make a DISCLAIMER before you attempt to make these vegan huevos con chorizo…

My wonderful hubby was helping me in the kitchen, blending up the sausage mixture like a manly man, when suddenly, our parents’ prized 15+ years old Vitamix blender gave up. Just stopped. All revival attempts in vain. Thankfully, hubby and I had our own relatively new Vitamix motor in storage handy, so we were able to finish making dinner that night. But hubs let me do the rest of the blending 😉 So DO be careful not to work your blender/food processor too hard. Give it little breaks, stir up the contents, add a few tablespoons of water if needed.

By the way, Señor VP really liked the finished product – he scarfed down his first spicy taco in about 2 bites. Even my fully Mexican mom approved of my vegan remix of this weeknight classic.

¡Ten cuidado y disfruta! (Proceed with caution, and enjoy!)


Nutrition information below is for 1/8 of the vegan huevos con chorizo mixture (enough for 1 taco); does not count tortillas, salsa, or other accompaniments.

Vegan Huevos con Chorizo Nutrition Information


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