Creamy Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan)
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Creamy Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan)

Vegan Petite
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Creamy Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan)

Creamy Vegetable Lasagna for New Year’s Eve!

Seems like a good way to wrap up the year, no?

For the last few years, on the years that we’ve celebrated at home, I’ve made it an un-official tradition to cook an Italian-themed meal for New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s because my grandma and I would always make lasagna together whenever we had a chance to visit each other. Maybe it’s because it makes me feel fancy and impressive. Maybe it’s because… it just tastes good!!

Lasagna is one of those dishes that’s so customizable (spell-check tells me that’s not a real word… well, it ought to be!). I never make it exactly the same way twice, but it always turns out delicious when it’s hot out of the oven. I had made some yummy vegan lasagna rolls several months ago, but this was my first time making a full-size, vegan, vegetable lasagna, with layers and things.

Creamy Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan)

So, think a lasagna without cheese would be boring?

Far from it. I took inspiration from Miyoko Schinner’s book, Artisan Vegan Cheese, which my aunt just sent me for Christmas (sah-weeet!!). This vegetable lasagna is oozing with creamy, “cheesy” goodness thanks to the tofu ricotta, mozzarella cream sauce, and vegan parmesan. In fact, my dad commented that he couldn’t understand how it was vegan – it tasted like it was made with real cheese!

Instead of a meat-based sauce, I made a hearty vegetable “bolognese” packed full of all the veggies I could gather. My awesome brother helped me with all the chopping! You can definitely tweak the recipe according to what you have on hand. It’s a very forgiving kind of dish. And if you have any vegetable-phobes in the house, I’ll tell you this: the biggest veggie-hater I know (a family friend who refuses to touch anything green) cleaned his plate and went back for seconds!

Creamy Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan)

I ended up preparing two vegetable lasagnas for New Year’s Eve, because I didn’t know until a few hours before dinner how many people were coming over (we are a spontaneous bunch, our family). But even if it ended up being too much, in my opinion, there is no such thing as having too much lasagna in the house.

Case in point – we finished the second dish within 24 hours.

I rounded out this year’s (wait, last year’s?) Italian-inspired dinner with ciabatta garlic bread (actually, my brother prepared it!), green salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette, my mom’s heart-warming veggie soup, and vegan coconut panna cotta topped with strawberry jam for dessert. Plus, I was so thrilled that my cousin stopped by a (fancy) bakery on the way over and picked up some more tasty desserts – including a vegan chocolate cake for me and my hubby! 😀

Mmm… what a sweet ending to the year – and to new beginnings!

Creamy Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan)

Make this creamy vegetable lasagna in 2016!!

(I promise it won’t set you back in your fitness/weight loss goals; see nutrition comparison below recipe.)

Nutrition information below is for 1 slice of creamy vegetable lasagna, with 12 slices per lasagna dish (24 slices total).

Creamy Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan) nutrition information

How does this vegan lasagna recipe compare nutritionally to a vegetarian one and a meat-based one (both with eggs and cheese)?

Here’s how it stacks up against two very popular online recipes:

Lasagna Nutrition Comparison: Vegan vs. Vegetarian vs. Meat-based
(click for larger view)

*Nutrition information calculated based on Allrecipes’ “Hearty Vegetable Lasagna.”

**Nutrition information calculated based on Allrecipes’ “World’s Best Lasagna.”

Despite having far less calories, total fat, saturated fat, and zero cholesterol, I know there are people who will look at this and say “but the vegan one has no protein!” Well, actually that’s not true – just one slice has almost a quarter of your daily needs – but if protein is a concern and you’re not content with eating multiple slices (gasp!), you could add 1 can of cooked lentils to the vegetable bolognese sauce to boost the protein and fiber content (check for low sodium).

2 thoughts on “Creamy Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan)

  1. Karen Joslin

    Linda, I’ve meaning to tell you forever how good this recipe is. I share it every time someone asks for a good vegan lasagna recipe. In fact, a week ago I ran into a woman I know through TalVeg (Tallahassee Veg*ns) and she said that she made you lasagna and loved it.

    1. Vegan Petite

      Thank you, Aunt Karen! I’m happy to hear that you and others are enjoying this lasagna; I’ll need to make it again soon myself.

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