Vegan Asian Alfredo Noodles
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Asian Alfredo Noodles (Vegan)

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Vegan Asian Alfredo Noodles

Oh divine spirits of the culinary heavens, I thank you for helping me bring to life this transcendent food creation I am calling…

Asian Alfredo Noodles!

Okay seriously though, I don’t know how this happened. I went into making dinner with one idea, changed it up a bit, and ended up with a completely new flavor profile the likes of which I have never experienced.¬†That, to me, is something spiritual.

Vegan Asian Alfredo Noodles

Down to the specs…

Just like our well-loved Italian Alfredo, the sauce coating these noodles is smooth, creamy, light-colored, and garlicky. The three players contributing to the creaminess are tahini, almond butter, and coconut milk. The sauce is seasoned with mellow white miso, which is a salty paste made from fermented soybeans (it’s tastier than it sounds), but without¬†darkening the sauce as soy sauce or tamari would. The two acids I chose were fresh-squeezed lemon juice and rice vinegar, which are balanced out by nature’s ultimate sweetener – dates. And, not to forget the star of this Asian Alfredo sauce, fresh garlic – whose raw bite becomes fragrant and mellowed out as the sauce cooks with the noodles.

Vegan Asian Alfredo Noodles


Nutrition information includes 1 tsp. hemp hearts topping per serving; does not include any side vegetables.

Asian Alfredo Noodles Nutrition Label

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