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3-Ingredient Stovetop Granola

Late night, dessert craving. Coconut yogurt in the fridge. Strawberry jam, too. Needs a crunchy topping. Honey granola oat bars in the pantry. Tempting. Not mine. Has honey in it. Tempting. But, no.

No almonds. No walnuts. No shredded coconut. Raw cashews? Nah. Hemp seeds? eh…

Really wish I had some granola.

I have rolled oats. I have sweeteners. But I have to turn on the oven. It’s 9pm. Just washed all the dishes from dinner. Arrggghh too lazy, too impatient. Wish I could make it on the stove.

3-Ingredient Stovetop Granola | VeganPetite.com

Wait, can I? Is that possible? Probably. I can figure it out. Wait, maybe someone else did already. Save me the hassle and heartache of ending up with… not granola.

Open Pinterest. Type in “stovetop granola.” Whoa! Find two results with the words “stovetop granola” in them! Two granola geniuses out there.

Click the first one. Okay, steps make sense. Has honey, but I can use maple syrup instead. Looks good. No nuts in the pantry, but who cares. Check the second result. Steps look similar. Okay, let’s do it.

3-Ingredient Stovetop Granola | VeganPetite.com

Don’t burn the oat dust! Sift it out.


Within 10 minutes (including the mistake of burning oat dust), I have hot, crunchy granola. Okay, dish out the coconut yogurt and strawberry jam while it cools a little. Sprinkle it on. Dig in with a spoon. Ahhh, sweet, crunchy satisfaction.

3-Ingredient Stovetop Granola | VeganPetite.com

Feel like a granola MacGyver genius.

Eat in front of husband. Give him a spoonful. Walk away. He wants his own bowl. Feel even more genius-like. Fix him a bowl. Eat together. Mmm, late-night snacks.

I’d eat this stovetop granola for breakfast. With soy milk. Make my own cereal. I should blog about this. Wait, I should get back to blogging! Mentally pat my own shoulder.

3-Ingredient Stovetop Granola | VeganPetite.com

A couple of weeks later…

Since that first night that I stumbled upon the stovetop granola concept, I’ve tried it several more times with a few tweaks. I looked up “oil-free granola” and saw that someone made granola in their oven using applesauce instead of oil. I thought “what if I could make the first oil-free stovetop granola on Pinterest??”

Haha, well I tried making that, using applesauce, and it did not turn into granola. The toasted oats got all soggy when I added the applesauce, and I couldn’t make them crispy even though I tried rescuing my experiment with some added coconut oil (which defeats the purpose, but I wanted to make them more edible for myself).

3-Ingredient Stovetop Granola | VeganPetite.com

Oh well. At least I figured out a 3-Ingredient version; that counts for something. Of course, you can always mix in some more ingredients, such as chopped nuts, a dash of vanilla or cinnamon, or some dried fruit at the end. Consider this a minimalist base granola that you can build on (or not!) and use as a sweet crunchy topping for yummy things, as a cereal with any plant-based milk, or to eat on its own.

3-Ingredient Stovetop Granola | VeganPetite.com

Nutrition information below is calculated for a 3/4-cup serving (half of the recipe above).

3-Ingredient Stovetop Granola, nutrition facts | VeganPetite.com

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