Garlic Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Garlic Brussels Sprouts Recipe - How to Cook Brussels Sprouts

This garlic Brussels sprouts recipe makes an amazing Thanksgiving side dish, or a main dish on a weeknight! Just a few simple ingredients transform the humble Brussels sprout from an often-avoided vegetable to an incredibly crave-able one. These garlic Brussels sprouts are: Garlicky, but not too much Slightly sweet A little tangy Juicy Tender (not … [Read more…]

Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

November 26, 2015: My first Thanksgiving as a vegan. One I’ll always remember. For 4 out of the last 5 years since I turned 20, I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house. It was by that age that my extended family had tried enough of my culinary creations to entrust me with such … [Read more…]

Savory Seitan Roast

Baked Seitan Roast

Seitan (pronounced “say-TAN”) is a type of veg-friendly protein made from vital wheat gluten. If you or someone in your family has gluten allergies or sensitivities, you may wish to skip this one. But, if you can eat bread, you can eat seitan. I have never bought pre-made seitan at the store. The thought of … [Read more…]